The Age of the Earth

This is a five-part series on the Age of the Earth.  Part One takes a look at some of the rarely reported problems with Radiometric Dating.  In Part Two we discuss similar problems with the theory of Continental Drift : problems that appear to be telling us that millions of years for their separation are neither indicated or necessary.  In part three we discuss a number of major problems with the concept of a Big Bang.   Part four takes a look at some of the mounting Evidence that exists for a  Worldwide Flood.  And last but not least, part five discusses a portion of the Evidence for a Young Earth, Solar System and Universe.


The age of the earth is Loudly proclaimed by the scientific establishment of evolution believers and the mass media as being around 4.6 billion years old.  But is it really anywhere near that old?  Or is there an underlying reason behind why evolution-believing scientists are so adamant about their beliefs concerning what they assert that "science" has "proven"?  

Everybody knows that a frog can't turn into a prince over a short amount of TIME.  But if we give him enough TIME, then anything is possible, or so the story goes... 

And the fact is that, in order for the theory of evolution to have any chance at all of being a halfway credible account of how we got here, the earth has to be old -- VERY OLD.  

However, a growing number of people are beginning to question what they have been told, over and over again, by the mass media and the (so-called) "scientific" establishment of evolution-believers, not only with regard to the earth's purported old age, but the age of the universe itself.  It is also a fact that  those who believe the theory of evolution are the same people who believe in an old earth.  In addition, some who believe in God, also claim to believe in evolution; however, if they were honest, they would admit that they actually believe in (some form of) slow-Creation, as opposed to evolution -- apart from the influence of a Creator.  

For a much more detailed discussion of this and why a Creator must have been intimately involved with the Creation of Life see the Long Introduction:  A Closer Look at the Age of the Earth.1



Part One:
Radiometric Dating and the Age of the Earth

Part Two:
Continental Drift and the Age of the Earth

Part Three:
The Big Bang Theory is in Big Trouble

Part Four:
Scientific Evidence for a Worldwide Flood

Part Five:
Evidence for a Young Earth



I am seriously and forever indebted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the working of the Holy Spirit for motivating me to write this paper, and those that follow: including the one on Upright Fossil Trees.  I am also especially indebted to the following scientists for the books and articles they have written on these subjects, and whose works I have used in this process: Dr. John Morris, Paul S. Taylor, Dennis R. Petersen, Dr. Steve Austin, Ian Taylor, Dr. Henry Morris, Sam Flamsteed, Russel Grigg, and to a lesser extent many others.

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