Dear Mark Looy  et al:        Subject: My letter responding to a geologist's letter attacking
                                                     Mark Looy's of AIG letter in the Columbus Dispatch.


This letter to the Columbus OH Dispatch was printed after some effort to get the editors attention. His name is Grant and seemed to be a reasonable person once he saw the evidence and heard from me several times [politely but firmly --- I also called and thanked him]. The subject of my reply was on dinosaurs and human coexistence for which AIG was ridiculed by a geologist named Baillieul; other letter writers and several editorialists likewise ridiculed Creationists on this subject . You may be interested in my last paragraph which is a challenge to  evolutionism community on Dinosaur soft-tissue. Do you have a copy of the Doheny report noted in my letter?


December 14, 2005 [printed on Wednesday  December 27, 2005---Editor deleted writings in red]. In this two month long continual attack on ID and creation only two letters appeared for our side, a philosophical one and one from AIG defending their museum and their activities.

The letter below is the only one from either side that gave actual field observations.




This is in response to geologist Tom Baillieul's letter of December 3, 2005, "Folks behind Creation Museum good at twisting facts." His and other recent letter writers and editorialists implied that man and dinosaur did not live at the same time. Perhaps this demonstrates an ignorance of historical geology and archaeology.


Long before Answers in Genesis's museum and its director Ken Ham were born major museums were aware that dinosaurs and man coexisted.


Dr. Charles Gilmore, curator of vertebrate paleontology of the famous United States Museum of Natural History, and Samuel Hubbard of the Oakland CA Museum confirmed in 1924 that man and dinosaur coexisted together as evidenced by their 40 page report discovered buried in the files of the Oakland Museum entitled "Discoveries Relating to Prehistoric Man." There on the front cover of their expedition's report is the photo of a carving of a Diplodocus dinosaur on the wall of the Hava Supai Canyon of the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona . On page 11 is a drawing based on a skeleton in American Museum of Natural History, NY City which is 84 feet long. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


There is a Petroglyph resembling a Brontosaurus in Natural Bridges National Monument attributed to the Anasazi Indians (500 to 1300 AD). Also a carving of a Triceratops including the characteristic three horns and neck frill in Montrose county, Colorado attributed to the Fremont Indians who were contemporary with the Anasazi.


In Peru over 30 % of some 11,000 burial stones (~500 BC) found since the 1930's in human graves contained carved depictions of dinosaurs such as T-rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. Many carvings are in "storage" in a major museum and 100's of others are in a private museum in Peru . These stones are mentioned by a Catholic priest missionary and an Inca historian of the 16th century. 


In Mexico  2600 of some 30,000 clay figurines excavated since 1945 depicted many different dinosaurs including Hadrosaurs and T-Rex's interacting with man. (500 BC to 500 AD).


Just for kicks why not challenge the discoverers of the T-Rex soft tissue of Montana to C-14 date the tissue (only 3 mg. per sample is required for three different labs)? This could help settle the controversy and we'd all be the wiser. Meanwhile check out   


Hugh Miller, research chemist, Columbus


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PS:  You have all the data, references etc with photos from my previous correspondence and drop offs. Thanks for your reconsideration.




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