In your Dreams perhaps!

Or Perhaps IF you never Heard about Jesus!

For Jesus came to earth 

to provide us a way to receive Eternal Life.

A way that is both achievable for us, and acceptable to God.

Eph. 2:8-9, Rom. 10:4, Rom. 10:13, John 6:37, and Rev. 3:20 

See also: 

Rom 2:11-16 and James 2:14-20 -- where we are told that 

our "good" deeds are evidence that our faith in God is real, and 

Rom. 3:19-24: where again we see that we are not declared just because

of our "good" deeds, but rather because of our faith in Christ, and what He

did for us on the cross.  See also I Cor. 15:1-10.  Note also that a "vain" belief is

one that is empty, or has virtually nothing (except talk) to back it up.

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