This is  NOT about Religion, but about Truth, for the fact is that we exist; this is True because the world exists and we exist simply because every day when we wake up, we are still the same person only a day older.  Therefore, to seek the truth of how we got here is to search for our Maker: either God or nature.  And in this regard, 'scientists' are supposed to aid us and NOT dictate what (they believe) the truth may be BEFORE they know it to be true, and can demonstrate it to be a Fact.

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Was it, "In the Beginning God," who created the heavens and the earth: and us, or was it nothing (???) that exploded -- and over "billions of years" slowly and against the laws of nature ... organized itself more and  more and more and more ... until it made its own proteins, wrote its own DNA code ... and then came to life?  The details aren't really important, but scientists tell us that they know (the story) best: and how it was that life supposedly got (itself) going ... ???  In spite of the FACT that they can't yet demonstrate how even the simplest protein got itself going nor show us how ALL 20 amino acids can form at the same time and place: apart from being made by a pre-existing biological organism.

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What If ?

What if
(as opposed to nature)
Actually did Create the Heavens and the Earth:
Including me, you, and Every Life-form Therein

Even as we are told in Genesis 1:1 and 
Many other Scriptures.

And What If 
the mass media has been 

(and still is)
Ignoring and/or not reporting 
the Evidence for Creation

Why not simply report the Truth
in a fair and balanced manner without 
it to fit what they want the public to believe?
For example, they STILL promote 

preposterous notions  
such as that:

 Your Great, Great, 1000th Great Grandfather 
was a Jellyfish  ... that ...

 (over millions and millions of years) ...
might have came from ... 
(say) ... an Amoeba ...
that resulted from a lightning bolt ...
that struck a primordial slime-pool ...
with just the right mixture of chemicals ...
In other words: The Theory of Evolution
is based on nothing more than Faith... in what
Scientists WANT to be True about how they think 
life might possibly have arrived on Planet Earth
and is actually MUCH Less Scientific than 
that we were
Created by a Creator.

In reality the Theory of Evolution Does not
Stand up to Scientific scrutiny.

Which is why it belongs in
a Book of Esoteric Religions, 
Fairy Tales for Adults.
But rather than have 
Public discourse on the Evidence
the so-called seekers of truth
Don't want the Debate 

to take place, nor give God 
One Iota of Credit for 
their own existence
much less to serve Him with their 
Time, Talents, and/or $$$$$$

In fact, Many people are not thankful, 
that God Made Them.

What if 
the Billionaires 
who own the Media,
and those who work for them 

  began to Question what they were told 
-- to believe
and to acknowledge the many Scientists 
who believe in a Creator,
and to report on the Scientific and Logical 
Evidences that Support the concept of Creation?

For example, Media reporters, writers and producers 
routinely call what evolution propagandists 

Believe in and label as "science," 
while at the same time, Ignoring, Censoring, and/or 
Editing out almost everything Creation Scientists 
Have to Say --

(that is, if they even bother to ask their opinions) 
while labeling them and the  Facts of Science  
(that evolutionist story telling can never overcome)
as "religious."

In fact, it is only because of the mass media's hypocrisy, 
ignorance, lack of courage, and/or HATRED of God and Jesus, 
that evolution is still taught at all -- in ANY public institution.

In fact, their ignorance of the facts is so Bad, 
that one has to wonder when they are finally going to 
Wake Up ...  
and realize that they were Hoodwinked by the
"Scientific Establishment"
Who for years have GREATLY overstated 
the supposed evidences for evolution 

while Ignoring and/or censoring the virtual 
Straightforward Evidence 
that tells us there MUST be a Creator.

For example, what if it could be proven that Life as we know it is FAR TOO 
COMPLEX to have
started itself via  any natural process known to man?   

And  why is the
Media  and  "science" community
suppressing  the Evidence?    

Could it be that they really don't want the Entire Public to 
plainly see that they have been lying to us for years, 
and that their Evo-king has no clothes? 

What if the miracle of Metamorphosis was programmed into the DNA 
of each male and female Moth and Butterfly

-- of every species --  
from the beginning of Creation?   

Wouldn't this mean that the hokie-pokie
man-made story of 'slow change' over
"millions of years" 
is nothing more than an
attempt to murder the Creator 
and eliminate Him from His own Creation?

Why are those who stand up for the truth labeled as 
'religious' or 'fundamentalist' 
by the media, 
when all their opponents
have little more than 
smoke, hot air, and lies: and claim that 
the information simply came together by itself 
(in the form of a code written on DNA) 
over 'millions of years' -- when, in fact, 
we actually observe that DNA degrades over time? 

Why is their AGENDA more important than the TRUTH? 

Why is the media spineless when it comes to reporting 
of this issue in a Fair and Unbiased manner?   
Could it be because they suspect they are wrong ???  

Or do they love deceiving our kids, and promoting immorality, 
unrestricted killing of innocent children, and violence

(with guns and bombs)  
in Games and TV and Movies more than the truth ?

For those who want to know more See:

Redefining Science to Eliminate the Creator

Google Search on: Evolution + Impossible = 17,900,000 Web Pages

Media reporting on this  = Zilch / Zip / Nada

Are You Brainwashed by Public School Textbooks?

See Also:

Media Bias 
More Media Bias 
Media Bias Continues
Mass Media Cover-Ups 
In a nutshell 
The Agenda of the Media is:
Ignore, Spin, Lie, Repeat ...

See Also:
Radiometric Dating Cover-Up 
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Morals, Values, and Alternative News Sources

Here's another Example of how the Mass Media 
regularly twists the truth to fit their Agenda


Hello, Is Anybody Home? 
Cause  Earth  may Not be  "Billions of Years"  Old: 
after All The Hype!!!
All because of a few 

tiny little
PROBLEMS with Radiometric Dating

What if  Carbon 14 is still found to be in 
Unfossilized Dinosaur Bones?  

Or What if it were also found in Coal Seams and 
Diamonds from Diamond mines?

What if Dino bones actually date to  the same age as  
Neanderthals, Mammoths, or Saber-tooth Tigers?  

See also: 
 Carbon Dating of Dino Bones

What if  Radiometric Dating has been exposed as a "pseudoscience" 
that is not (at all) reliable, objective, or "
proven" to be accurate?  

What if a 220 million year "date" for a Human-like skull was rejected 
simply because it didn't "fit" well with evolutionary speculations?  

What if the younger date that was accepted, and then cross-checked by various
(purportedly "scientific") dating methods, was itself
(after a 10-year controversy)

rejected -- simply because it also didn't fit well enough with  evolutionary 

Who is running the show?  

Will empirical science ever prevail against the highly speculative,  
wildly imaginative,  and subjective  "science" of evolution?  

Eventually the truth will come out, 
and those who promoted it will either be
laughed out of our Universities, and/or
apologize for their ignorance, Lies,
and Cowardice .... simply because 

the Truth always
eventually Prevails.

The case of  The KBS Tuff  / Radiometric Dating Exposed

See also 
Radiometric Dating Involves at least Eight Untestable Assumptions
To find it, Click Here and scroll down 


A few Problems with the Geological Time Chart

What if  “mainstream” geologists took a wrong turn 180 years 
ago with regard to their interpretation of the Worldwide physical 
evidences for a World Wide Flood and the Age of the Earth ... 
and thereafter
assumed they were on the right road: 
that leads to the truth?  

What if at many locations around the world -- either in or around 
coal seams -- many thousands of trees have been found to be buried 
at various angles to the strata: i.e. upright, oblique (or at an angle)
 or prostrate (or perpendicular) to the surrounding strata: and very
often with their
roots missing? 

Why is this little known fact ignored, or minimized by secular (old earth) geologists?  

Why is the one tree with roots and rootlets (that are questionably 
'rooted' in place of growth)
more important than the other 49
that are missing most (if not all) of their roots and rootlets?

Wouldn't this also mean that (most likely) NONE of these trees grew in the 
places where they are now buried, and that the entire Geological Time Chart 

(with all of its Time Periods) 
(very likely)  
has nothing at all to do with long periods of time, but rather is 
simply evidence for different stages of a
Single Worldwide Event?

Why is the popular theory of coal formation, that is still taught as if it were 
a fact, central to how the earth came to be thought of as "Billions of Years" old?

What if coal seams could be (and have been) dated by Carbon 14: meaning 
that all coals (no matter how far below the surface) "date" to less than 
50,000 years old? 

What if there is strong physical evidence that a 
Worldwide Flood
took place in the not-too-distant past?

What if hundreds of civilizations had 
very similar
Legends of a Worldwide Flood?

There's also the Out of Order Fossils: problem that ...
just won't go away.

See Also:
  Human Remains Throughout the Geologic Column


Dragons of Old and Dinosaurs of New:
Might they be Just
 One in the Same

What if many thousands of Unfossilized Dinosaur Bones were 
found in sandy soil in northern Alaska?  

What if organic material is preserved in fossil wood that 
is (supposed to be) 300,000,000 years old? 

What if bacteria were not kept alive for Millions of Years,
but only thousands?   

What if a Dinosaur Bone from Montana possessed organic molecules 
(such as collagen, fragmented DNA and proteins)  
and even little round things that looked "just like"
red blood cells? 

What if these bones were not encased in amber, but rather in porous sandstone?

What if "Scientists" are lying when they say they "know" that 
Dinosaur bones are
millions of years old 
as opposed to admitting that they merely believe they are...
based on their
baseless and unproven belief in the 
Biologically and Mathematically Impossible
theory of evolution.

Rumor also has it that some Dinosaur Eggs from China 
are so fresh that they smell like
Rotten Eggs.

What if two different Dinosaurs are clearly described  in the 
Old Testament Book of Job -- Chapters 40-41?   

One of which had a tail like a "cedar tree," ate grass like 
an ox, and had leg bones that were like "bars of iron"?  

If dinos and man existed at the same time wouldn't this mean 
that the Geological Time Chart -- along with its
mythions of years 
of evolution -- is almost certainly wrong?  

What if many thousands of Ancient Stones and pottery 
pieces from around the world portrayed

What if a 1000-year-old (unrestored) Temple in Cambodia has what
looks like a
Stegosaurus next to various other carvings of animals?

What are the Ica Stones?  

Why is this evidence for a recent extinction of the Dinosaurs virtually 
ignored by the Mass Media and popular "science" publications?

Could it be that they want evolution taught in all public schools -- 
even though the public overwhelmingly
believes in a Creator
and disagrees 
with how this subject is
 (still to this day) being force-fed to our children?

And even though it can be proven that there must be a Creator? 

Why are the beliefs of the half (of Scientists) who believe in evolution so much 
more important than the
beliefs of the other half, or of the average person

And why (pray tell) are the beliefs of the (other) 50% of Scientist's 
who DON'T Believe 
in evolution virtually ignored by the American Media?

Could it be that the mass media is more responsible for this
than the "scientists" themselves? 

Could it be that the way the media "reports" on this, or by the facts they 
choose NOT to report on, has had a detrimental effect, not only on the perception
 of the public at large, but also on our courts and children, -- who are still being 
taught in public schools
that God doesn't even exist?  

What if many different ancient civilizations from around the world have
 very similar
legends of large creatures that resemble dinosaurs?   

What about the "legend" of Beowulf?  Was he an actual person of history, 
or a made-up character?  See also
Dinosaurs and the Bible.

What if a living dinosaur was found in the Congo?  
What are the chances of such taking place?

What are the 12 animals that make up the Chinese New Year?   
Do any of them have anything to do with dinosaurs?  

Hugh Miller's Letter to the Editor

Did Birds Evolve From Dinosaurs?

Dog Sized Mammal
found in Dinosaur Strata

Home School Expedition uncovers a 
near complete Allosaur 
with unfossilized wood mixed in with the bones

Beaver found in Jurassic (Dino) Strata

For many more articles on Dinosaurs and Man Living together see: 
Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs Lived at the same Time 


Dark Matter and The Big Bang

What if actual evidence for the Missing Mass in the Universe ...  
was nowhere to be found -- other than in the belief that the universe 

Must Be Billions of Years old -- 
otherwise Evolution can't be true

Why would Astronomers continue to believe it exists  
when almost every observation says that it doesn

Why is this imaginary substance so vital to the theory of a 
"billions of years" old Earth  and Universe

 What the Public is NOT being told!

What if there never was a Big Bang but a smooth bang?

See also: Big Bang Broken And Can't Be Fixed by Amy Acheson



Continental Drift

What if the Continental Drift rate wasn't verified by direct measurements, 
but by the assumed accuracy and reliability of Potassium-Argon Dating?  

What if North America and Europe were (supposedly) divided in 
200,000,000 years while South America and Africa in 1/10th that time


and are now moving in the wrong direction?

What if the actual drift rate of the San Andreas Fault tells us it is 
less than 5,000 years old?




Creation and the Public Schools:
What We Believe

What if  only 12% of the American Public agrees with evolutionary theory as it is 
still taught in our Public Schools --  And that the Scientific Evidences for Creation 
(and/or against evolution) should also be taught in Public Schools?  

Would CBS or NBC or ABC or Even FOX News Report it?   

And the Answer?

Separation of Church and State:
What the Mass Media Doesn't want you to know:

What if any honest Third Grader who has a copy of this little
First-Grade Reader
(and actually reads it) would have to conclude that "Separation of Church and State" 
as it is now taught (rather spun) to the Public, is NOT what our Founding Fathers 
had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.  To find out more simply... 
Take the Quiz 

Did you know that the words "separation," "Church," or "State" 
Don't even appear in the Constitution?   

Did you also know that only a little over 100 years ago the U.S. Supreme Court 
said that the United States of America was "
a Christian Nation" and that Prayers
 to God at all sorts of Public meetings and civic groups were common practice 
and Constitutional?   

Or that 1947 was the first year that the Supreme Court issued a ruling 
in favor of forcing the states to comply with their 
re-interpretation of the First Amendment 

(which was directed at Congress) 
and took Jefferson's mention of the words 
separation of church and state
(that appear in a letter to the Danbury Baptists)
out of their original context?  

In other words, what CONGRESS couldn't (and wouldn't) do by law, nine Supreme
 Court Judges did by re-interpreting the Constitution and applying to the states things
 that their predecessors never saw, and claimed for themselves powers that their 
predecessors never dared to claim.  

In other words, they bypassed Congress, and usurped the rights of ALL 50 States, 
in doing so and legislated from the bench with the stroke of a pen.  

This, of course, should not mean that a State should be allowed to Force Christianity, 
or any other religion, down the throats of its constituents, for that goes against
 the teachings of Christianity itself -- which allows people to reject their Creator 
and His rightful authority over their lives, while warning them of the 
consequences (that God has said such actions will bring).  But today it has been so
 reversed, that Christians are told that they can't even mention the word "God" in a 
public classroom -- even if their school assignment is to write a report about how they
 think we got here, and then asked (by the teacher) to read it in front of their class.

Are the Old and New Testaments Trustworthy?

What if the Old and New Testaments were by far
the most
well-documented writings of ancient history?  

And why do many people reject the Bible -- along with it's teachings 
Warnings!!! -- without ever taking the time to read it for themselves, 
or investigating  (for themselves) whether or not it is true?   

Why do many people
not want to believe it?
Could it be because they Don't want to give control of their lives to anyone -- not even their own Creator 
even though He, Himself, went to great lengths to give us the opportunity to receive His greatest  gift: eternal life. 
 See John 3:16-21.

Does this mean that God will FORCE His "offer" of eternal life 
on an unwilling (or unthankful) person?   If you think so then...

you don't know Him very well.


Life, Love and the Mysteries of Creation

To find Peace with God via Personal Relationship with God,
See our
Spiritual Health and Fitness Page

How Could God possibly Condemn anyone, while at the same time be Loving? 
 Will God Reject me if I Insist on Ignoring and Rejecting Him, and His Son, my Whole Lifelong?
Will God Force me to be under His Authority, if I say "No thanks God, I'm NOT interested" during my Life on Earth?
Will my Creator hold me accountable for my words and actions, and willful ignorance if I claim to not believe in 
God AND Jesus: John 8:24; 14:1; 17:3; I Pet. 1:21; 2:6-10 ? 
If I deny God His Right to Rule over me and Lovingly direct me during my Life on Earth, 
and do
my own thing, and seek my own pleasure, day after day, month after month, 
year after year, till the day I die, will God still let me into His Kingdom when

 I finally face Him?  Or will He allow me to sneak in (to His kingdom) and keep doing my own thing?

See also: 
Political Hot Buttons 

The Da Vinci Code Deception

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